The nbn ™ is here!

The nbn™ network has rolled out across the towns of Broome, Derby and Kununurra. It is bringing exciting new opportunities to businesses. To continue having a fixed business phone and broadband service, you’ll need to switch to phone and broadband services on the nbn™ network. Businesses need to consider internet, telecommunications and business equipment that exist on their networks BEFORE transitioning to nbn™. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Experience the benefits – fast!

It makes smart business sense to benefit from all the nbn™ access network can enable the moment it’s available in your area. Whether it’s simply internet access and email, or the need for advanced video conferencing, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, cloud storage, the Internet-of-Things, multi-site integration, or sophisticated data analytics services, the nbn™ access network can help take you where you want to go – fast!

Essential checklists for your business


We’ve developed three handy checklists to highlight the business services, equipment and systems that may be affected and that may need to be addressed as part of your migration to the nbn™ access network. As an nbn™ business accredited adviser, we can help you manage the process of finding out which of these will affect your business, and work with you and your providers to ensure that appropriate action is taken for a smooth transition to the nbn™ access network.

Business transition checklist

Business ready checklist

Be aware

Services will be progressively disconnected from the old network after the nbn™ network is rolled out across Australia, so it’s better to start planning now to avoid unnecessary stress and bad planning due to being time-poor.

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SkyMuster Satellite: Remote community residents

The nbn SkyMuster satellite service is now available to remote communities and stations, current satellite customers, and residents in Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek and Wyndham.


SkyMuster comes in two speeds, 12Mbps download and 1Mbps upload or 25Mbps download and 5Mbps upload. Have a look at the data plans and pricing today, and contact us for connection and local support.